Our services

Product Development Engineering (PDE)

From preliminary concepts to your warehouse.

2M can support you during whole lifecycle.

  • Feasibility Analysis during the early stages of your product development.
  • Detailed Design including Design For Manufacturing.
  • Short and mid-size batch component production.
  • Validation and Verification.
  • Metrology & Testing.

We combine our internal resources and our trustable network of partners to make it happened.

Expertise in:

  • Exterior & Interior Moulded components. (ABS, ASA, PMMA, Painted)
  • CNC and Milling Components
  • Jigs and tools

Project Management Office

We help our customers implementing appropriate Project Management methodology according their needs. Our Project Management Professionals (PMP) will analyse your case and define the most appropriate method to implement in your organization.

How We do it?

We combine PMI methodology and our own experience in automotive industry to define the most appropriate way to manage your projects to succeed.  

Our Step by step:

1. Evaluation of current Project Management philosophy in your organization

2.Analysis on-site by our team members

3.Identify the gaps

4.Definition of the action plan Including:

  • Goals and Timing
  • KPIs Definition
  • Task Forces
  • Changes in the current process / organization
  • Implementation & follow up 
  • Trainings
  • Revision & Checking
  • Evaluation

Professional Employer Organization

Our expertise in the Automotive and Industry sectors help us to understand the kind of talent that fits your needs, selecting the right people inside or outside 2M Engineering.


From 2M Engineering, We use our recruiting experts to support your organization to find the proper candidate. During all this years, We improve our know-how, our industry knowledge, and the most important, We meet valuable talented people. Ask us about our candidate pool!


We help to reduce customers’ structure, providing support for the following departments: Project Management, CAD Design, Engineering & Quality… remotely, in house, long term or short term.

Employer of Record

Do you need someone located in Spain to start your new business or start a project in site? 2M helps you to hire your employee in Spain without opening a legal entity. We manage to guarantee the local legal requirements, including taxes, minimum salaries and work conditions requested by law, for long and short periods.


Our Profiles in highest demand:

Senior Project ManagerCAD Technician Catiav5Design Quality EngineerPrototype Technician
Junior Project ManagerMechanical EngineerQuality Inspector / AnalystMechanics
Technical Project ManagerProduct EngineerQuality Analyst 
Launch LeaderResident EngineerSupplier Quality Assurance 


We work hand-in-hand with global companies to overcome their technical challenges and support them during hole project lifecycle