The WCSENSOR is a contactless electromechanical device for toilets that regulates and calibrates the amount of water used in each flush. It is activated by a proximity sensor, making contact with the hand unnecessary and improving hygiene. The universal flush kit includes all the necessary parts and instructions for assembly.

How it works?

Installed in your flush tank, the system substitutes the standard mechanical system with a Sensor System, installed outside the tank, and a small Actuator Mechanism, installed inside the tank, together with the battery pack.

Once installed, you can regulate the water flow using the WCSENSOR APP.

2M’s role in the project

Together with our partner Smartech Precision Tools, 2M is directing the Mechanical Development of the product together with the Electronics and Software Integration.

Our experience in product development, design for manufacturing, and coordinating partners and suppliers has led to this novel appliance, beginning with the inventor and CEO Mr. Jose Emilio’s initial concept.

Currently, our team is overseeing the Production Validation Plan, directing the assembly line setup, and fine-tuning of the components.

What’s next?

WCSENSOR is ready for mass production and will be on the market in the near future. 

Jose Emilio is continuing to invent and develop and new products from Senssal are coming soon.

We are happy to announce that 2M Engineering & Project Management and Smartech Precision Tools will continue to support Senssal in these developments, starting with the design and evolution of the WCSENSOR Connect and the brand new WCSENSOR WALL.

Find out more about WCSENSOR in at WWW.WCSENSOR.COM

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